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At Training for Design, we spend a lot of time talking to Architects about Building Design and to Landscape Designers about Landscape Design. However, more and more we find Vectorworks users combining the capabilities of Vectorworks Architect and Vectorworks Landmark to create a single model for the overall project. We will be featuring one such case study at Ecobuild in a few weeks time (Stand N431) and we would love to see you there.

With that in mind, on Thursday evening I visited The Royal Institution of Civil Engineers for a talk by Dr. Anne Kemp, Technical Director at Atkins.  The talk was entitled “BIM isn’t Geospatial… or is it?”

The start of the presentation covered familiar “What is BIM?” ground and again reinforced the Vectorworks‘ view that BIM (Building Information Modelling) is not a single technology, but is enabled by technology and talked about the need and move towards open standards within BIM or openBIM. However, it went further to suggest that the whole BIM discussion has focused too much on the “B” for “Building”, when in reality, holding and exchanging information about infrastructure and the site itself is equally important. This information, within a BIM process can then be used to enable more effective construction and operation decisions to be taken earlier in the Design/Build/Operate/Maintain life-cycle of any development.

As I stated at the beginning, Vectorworks users have long had the capability to draft, model and attach information to both building objects and landscape, or site objects, to allow a complete picture of the development to be enabled within an openBIM environment. Indeed Vectorworks has been using “SIM” or Site Information Modelling for the deliverables that Vectorworks can provide.

This message ties back to my post last week and is part of  the CPD session “BIM – your next step”.  So if you want to find out more, why not book your own RIBA accredited CPD session?